The NBU IT Training center is offering courses and certification exams for IT administrators and leading companies throughout the year.

All of the IT academies of the NBU IT Training center are officially licensed and offer courses from ECDL, MOS, Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, VMware, Cisco Learning Partner and many more.

Everyone who wants to have a successful IT career should know that IT companies prefer candidates who boast certificates as they are indication for one's professional skills and knowledge.

Why do I need an IT certificate?

Certificates prove the knowledge and skills of their owners. This has a huge impact on their career due to many employers preferring candidates with internationally proven set of skills.

Who should consider going for a certificate?

Basically, everyone, but it's especially important for those who wish to advance in their career. More often than not employers review job candidates who can prove their claimed set of skills with a certificate.

Certificates from which companies do you offer exams on?

ECDL, MOS,Microsoft Academy, Linux Academy, Cisco Academy, Cisco Learning Trainings, VMware IT Academy.

Our location and how to find us

The NBU Certification centre is located in Building 2. You can look at the exact location of the university on the map below. Click here for more information on the different ways of transportation.

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