Acquisition of European Computer Driving Licence ensure conclusively knowledge and skills of its owner.

Modules, include in ECDL CORE:


The Syllabuses can be downloaded from here.

With us you can acquire the first two levels of certification Foundation ECDL – F, Dublin, Ireland.

1. ECDL START is a certificate that is granted to an applicant successfully passed at least three of the seven ECDL tests in relevant modules with the exception of Module 1 – Fundamentals of information and communication technologies.

2. ECDL CORE is a professional certificate, that is granted to an applicant successfully passed all seven ECDL modules.



The trainings includes exercises and training, and has a duration of 30 academic hours.
Held twice a week in the evening from 18:00 pm to 21:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday mornings from 09:30 to 13:30.



Application Form for book a test
Application Form to attend a class

You can download the application for training and testing,
to fill out and send via email.

Deadline for registration: – 31.01.2014 г.

For NBU students ECDL certificate accredits instead of exam OOK computing.

Example Tests.


Training – 200 BGN.
Skills card – 75 BGN.
Taking a Test for one module – 30 BGN.
ECDL Certificate – 50 BGN.

Benefits of ECDL certificate:

Today, computer skills are becoming more important to people in all walks of life. ECDL is a certificate of information technology for all citizens. It is designed for those who need or want to know how to use a PC and application programs. It is suitable for people of every work discipline, for people entering the labor market, and for people at all ages.

Benefits for candidates:

Significantly increased ICT knowledge / skills.
Increases confidence when using a computer.
Provides an internationally recognized qualification.
Improve job prospects and mobility.
Provides a platform from which to move to a higher level of ICT education.

Benefits for employers:

Increases productivity.
Reduces costs.
Increases the efficiency of employees.
Reduces wasted time.
Provides maximum use of computer resources.
Provides a better return on investment in ICT.

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Admission fee:

200 лв.

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