AWS Cloud Developing

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AWS Associate

AWS Academy Cloud Developing Course


AWS Academy Cloud Developing is designed to help students gain technical expertise in development using cloud technologies and prepare them to take the AWS Certified Developer–Associate level AWS Certification exam.The curriculum is delivered through instructor-led classes, knowledge assessments, and hands-on labs. Students will also have access to course manuals, online knowledge assessments, a free practice certification exam, and a discount voucher for the certification exam.

Curriculum Objectives

AWS Cloud Developing teaches students how to:

  • Recall cloud computing services and models
  • Describe developing on AWS
  • Configure AWS Identity and Access Management for programmatic access
  • Configure storage with Amazon S3 programmatically
  • Develop with DynamoDB
  • Explain caching
  • Configure containers
  • Develop event-driven solutions with Lambda
  • Configure solutions with API Gateway
  • Develop solutions with SQS and SNS
  • Describe the use of Step Functions
  • Identify best practice for building secure applications
  • Identify best practice for deploying applications

Student Prerequisites

AWS Academy Cloud Developing requires a strong foundation in IT concepts and skills. To ensure success in this course, students should have:

  • Completed AWS Academy Cloud Foundations course or have equivalent experience
  • A working knowledge of distributed systems
  • Familiarity with general networking concepts
  • A working knowledge of multi-tier architectures
  • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts

Learning Objectives

Module 2 –Introduction to Developing on AWS

Recognize the systems development life cycle Describe how to start developing on AWS Indicate how to work with AWS SDKs Identify why AWS X-Ray is a critical developer tool Identify AWS management tools Develop and run a simple program in AWS Cloud9

Module 3: Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Recognize the shared responsibility model Explain how IAM helps secure access to AWS resources Describe IAM user authentication Identify how to authorize an IAM user, group, or role

Module 4: Developing Storage Solutions with Amazon S3

Describe how Amazon S3 can be used as a storage solution Identify Amazon S3 features and components Describe two ways to protect data with Amazon S3Describe the function of the S3 object operations (PUT, GET, SELECT, DELETE)Explain how to manage access to Amazon S3 resources Develop with Amazon S3 using the AWS SDKs

Module 5: Developing Flexible NoSQL Solutions with Amazon DynamoDB

Identify Amazon DynamoDB features Describe Amazon DynamoDB components Explain how Amazon DynamoDB uses partitions Indicate how indexes are used with Amazon Dynamo DBDescribe how Amazon DynamoDB keeps data consistent Recognize when streaming and global tables are used Explain the backup and restore processDevelop flexible NoSQL solutions with Amazon DynamoDB

Module 6: Introduction to Caching with Amazon CloudFront and Amazon ElastiCache

Explain when caching is usedDescribe caching with Amazon CloudFrontDescribe caching with Amazon ElastiCacheApply caching strategies

Module 7: Introduction to Containers

Describe the history, technology, and terminology behind containers Differentiate containers from bare-metal servers and virtual machines Identify the characteristics of a microservices architecture Recognize the drivers for using container-based workloads Host a basic website by using Docker containers

Module 8: Developing Solutions with Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS

Recall how message queues work Describe Amazon SQS Send messages to an SQS queue Describe Amazon SNS Explain Amazon SNS concepts Describe Amazon MQ

Module 9: Developing Event-Driven Solutions with AWS Lambda

Explain serverless computing Describe how AWS Lambda works Recognize AWS Lambda execution models Identify how to use AWS IAM to grant Lambda permissions Indicate the steps to author and configure a Lambda functionExplain how to deploy serverless applications Develop event-driven solutions with AWS Lambda

Module 10: Developing Solutions with AWS Step Functions

Recognize application programming interfaces Describe Amazon API Gateway Indicate the steps for developing RESTful APIs with Amazon API Gateway

Module 11: Developing Solutions with Amazon API Gateway

Recognize the dynamics of workflow coordination in distributed applications Describe AWS Step Functions Identify state types Indicate common use cases for AWS Step Functions Recall AWS Step Functions APIs

Module 12: Developing Secure Applications on AWS

Identity how to secure applications Describe how to manage your application’s secrets Recall how to authenticate with AWS Security Token Service Describe how Amazon Cognito is used to build secure applications

Module 13: Deploying Applications on AWS

Describe DevOps Recognize AWS code services for CI/CD Summarize deployment strategies Describe how AWS Elastic Beanstalk is used to deploy applications Describe how AWS Cloud  Formation is used to deploy applications Describe how AWS SAM is used to deploy serverless applications

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