IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things

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IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things

When you were a child, did you ever imagine yourself as a skilled scientist who could build robots— designing circuits, parts and writing the software to give it personality?

Did you know you can make a career out of that?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened many doors for people who love creating devices. From designing electronic circuits to writing code, the IoT provide the platform for various types of professionals.

Course Outline:

Chapter 0 Course Introduction
0.0 Welcome to IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things
Chapter 1 Things and Connections
1.0 Introduction
1.1 What are Things?
1.2 What are Connections?
Chapter 2 Sensors, Actuators, and Microcontrollers
2.0 Introduction
2.1 Learn Electronics
2.2 Microcontrollers: The SparkFun Inventors Kit
2.3 Packet Tracer 7 and the IoT
Chapter 3 Software is Everywhere
3.0 Introduction
3.1 Programming
3.2 The Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer (SBC)
3.3 Building Models of IoT Systems in Packet Tracer
Chapter 4 Networks, Fog and Cloud Computing
4.0 Introduction
4.1 Connecting Things to the Network
4.2 Fog and Cloud Computing
Chapter 5 Digitization of the Business | IoT applications in Business
5.0 Introduction
5.1 The Cisco IoT System
5.2 Industrial IoT Applications
Chapter 6 Create an IoT Solution
6.0 Introduction
6.1 Become a Global Problem Solver
6.2 Design a Solution
6.3 Create an IoT System
6.4 The Business Aspects
6.5 What is Next?