IoT Fundamentals: Hackathon Playbook

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IoT Fundamentals: Hackathon Playbook

The Hackathon leverages project-based learning methodology to develop technical skills and soft skills in a fun and meaningful way. These are referred to as 21st century skills.

Learning and innovation skills are what separate students who are prepared for today’s increasingly complex life and work environment, from those who are not. Among other skills, these include:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Competences required in the new job market are rapidly changing and the old paradigm of having highly skilled professionals in one specific domain, or the other extreme of having a wide area generalist without deep knowledge in any specialty, is not efficient anymore. The new positions within the job market require a multidisciplinary skillset which provides a combination of the previous two paradigms.

To prepare for the continuous and accelerating pace of change, students need to think critically about issues, solve problems creatively, work collaboratively, communicate clearly in multiple media channels, quickly learn ever-changing technologies, and deal with a flood of information. The rapid changes in our world require students to be flexible, take the initiative, lead when necessary, and to produce something new and useful.

Course Outline:

Module 0: Facilitator Hackathon Preparation
0.0: Introduction
0.1: Hackathon Team
0.2: Event Planning
0.3: Post Hackathon
Module 1: Design Thinking
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Psychological Concepts for Better Design
1.2 Stanford Design School Methods
Module 2: Student Hackathon Preparation
2.0: Introduction
2.1: Pre-Hackathon Information
2.2: Post Hackathon Activities