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Java Fundamentals – Course Description


Java Fundamentals

Engages participants with little or no programming experience. Participants are introduced to object-oriented concepts, terminology, and syntax using hands-on, engaging activities on easy to use Java platforms to scaffold the knowledge to create basic Java programs.

For students: Who wish to start their Java programming experience and learn how to create animations, games and applications using fun and engaging tools. This course is a suitable foundational class for anyone, and when taught in sequence with Java Programming, may be used to prepare students for the AP Computer Science A exam.

Educator prerequisites: None


This course engages students with little or no programming experience to create Java programs. Participants are introduced to object-oriented programming concepts, terminology, and syntax, and the steps required to create basic Java programs using the Alice, Greenfoot, and Eclipse interactive development environments. Hand-on practices figure prominently throughout this course so students can experience firsthand the power of computer programming.



Basic understanding of at least one programming language

The ability to follow software installation instructions and install Alice, Greenfoot, and Eclipse on a computer


Getting Started with Java Using Alice and Creating Java Programs with Greenfoot or previous experience with at least one programming language

Suggested Next Courses

Java Programming




Alice 3

Getting Started with Alice 3

Add and Position Objects

Procedures and Arguments

Rotation and Randomization

Declare Procedures

Control Statements


IF and WHILE Control Structures

Expressions Variables

Keyboard Controls

Develop a Complete Animation

Java Variables and Data Types

Java Methods and Classes



Getting Started With Greenfoot

Methods, Variables and Parameters

Source Code and Documentation

Developing and Testing an Application

Randomization and Constructors

Defined Methods

Sound and Keyboard Control

World Animating and Game End


Loops, Variables, and Arrays

Java Basics

Getting Started with Eclipse

Object and Driver Classes

Data Types and Operators



Program Structure

Using Scanner and Conditional Statements

Using Program Control Statements


Arrays and Exceptions


Handling Errors

Java Classes

Classes, Objects, and Methods

Parameters and Overloading Methods

The Static Modifier and Nested Classes

Inheritance Polymorphism