LPIC-3 : Linux Enterprise Professional

Exam 300

Course Outline:

Topic 390: OpenLDAP Configuration

390.1 OpenLDAP Replication
390.2 Securing the Directory
390.3 OpenLDAP Server Performance Tuning

Topic 391: OpenLDAP as an Authentication Backend

391.1 LDAP Integration with PAM and NSS
391.2 Integrating LDAP with Active Directory and Kerberos

Topic 392: Samba Basics

392.1 Samba Concepts and Architecture
392.2 Configure Samba
392.3 Regular Samba Maintenance
392.4 Troubleshooting Samba
392.5 Internationalization

Topic 393: Samba Share Configuration

393.1 File Services
393.2 Linux File System and Share/Service Permissions
393.3 Print Services

Topic 394: Samba User and Group Management

394.1 Managing User Accounts and Groups
394.2 Authentication, Authorization and Winbind

Topic 395: Samba Domain Integration

395.1 Samba as a PDC and BDC
395.2 Samba4 as an AD compatible Domain Controller
395.3 Configure Samba as a Domain Member Server

Topic 396: Samba Name Services

396.1 NetBIOS and WINS
396.2 Active Directory Name Resolution

Topic 397: Working with Linux and Windows Clients

397.1 CIFS Integration
397.2 Working with Windows Clients