Course Outline:

Module 1: Install Windows Servers in host and compute environments

  • Install, upgrade, and migrate servers and workloads
  • Install and configure Nano Server
  • Create, manage, and maintain images for deployment

Module 2: Implement storage solutions

  • Configure disks and volumes
  • Implement server storage
  • Implement data deduplication

Module 3: Implement Hyper-V

  • Install and configure Hyper-V
  • Configure virtual machine (VM) settings
  • Configure Hyper-V storage
  • Configure Hyper-V networking

Module 4: Implement Windows containers

  • Deploy Windows containers
  • Manage Windows containers

Module 5: Implement high availability

  • Implement high availability and disaster recovery options in Hyper-V
  • Implement failover clustering
  • Implement Storage Spaces Direct
  • Manage failover clustering
  • Manage VM movement in clustered nodes
  • Implement Network Load Balancing

Module 6: Maintain and monitor server environments

  • Maintain server installations
  • Monitor server installations